Our Outdoor Space

For many parents Kelton's greatest asset is our large garden, At a third of an acre, fully enclosed on all sides and with a combination of grass, soft play areas and a large fixed sand pit as well as a greenhouse and vegetable area.

Outdoor play and outdoor learning are a vital element of life at Kelton nursery. When children engage with nature they learn to respect the natural environment and realise their relationship with it. Different sensory experiences allow them to make and form connections, not just with nature, but with their own emotions too.

Every space is full of intrigue and gives the children the freedom and space they need to explore and go on their own adventures. Defined areas challenge children to explore their own physical limits which are perfect preparation for them when they push their physical boundaries later in life.

Our garden also promotes the children's understanding of the world whether this is through looking after our vegetables in our growing area, which is fully equipped with a full sized greenhouse or learning to care for our rabbits and guinea pigs in our pet area.