Parents as Partners

Kelton Nursery and Afterschool is a charity and governed by a Management Committee which is staffed by parents. The Management Committee work to support the nursery management team in the running of the nursery. Parents are encouraged to get involved and do so by standing for election at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

For all children we look to promote good communication links between home and Kelton. For younger children there is a daily home link book which keeps you informed of children’s daily activities as well as notice boards in each of the rooms and the main hall areas. We also produce a regular newsletter which tells of all events and nursery life in detail including our annual Summer Fair which is enjoyed by all.

Each child will be allocated a member of staff known to the parent and child as your child’s “Key Person” they will have knowledge and understanding on how children learn and develop and will have the unique understanding of what your child’s currents interests and needs are.

The relationship between the ‘Key Person’, child and parent will begin on day one of your child attending the setting. In order to build an attachment between your child and the Key Person it is important your child recognises your acceptance of the Key Person which will lead your child into having secure confidence with their relationship with the Key Person.

We provide a parents evening twice a year giving you the opportunity to sit down and spend some quality time with your child’s keyperson discussing any issues or concerns you may have, and to review your child’s personal development file. You can request to see this at any time throughout the year if so wish by asking your child’s keyperson.

We send out annual questionnaires to parents/carers requesting feedback as to whether you are happy with the service being provided, or feel there are areas for improvement. All information gathered is fed back to the parents/carers via letter or newsletter. 

Development from home and nursery is kept in a Learning Journal; this will be yours to keep when your child leaves the nursery.

Please click on the link below to download a more comprehensive guide to your child’s learning and development in the foundation stage.